Silas Randall

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In honor of my sweet little Silas Randall turning two this past week, I thought it would be fitting to write a post that highlights all the things I have loved the most about being his Momma. We have been overwhelmingly blessed with his love for others, his ability to learn, and his sweet spirit. I can’t wait to share some of our sweetest moments together with you all.


I know, I know this is an odd and kind of cliché thing to start off with, but we were so blessed by it from day one! I was not able to see Silas until at least 2 hours from when he was delivered due to being put under for an emergency c-section. I missed the skin-to-skin time with him and was very upset about this, but the nurses still pushed me to nurse him when I first saw him and I’m so glad I stuck with it. He was in the NICU for 4 days and honestly parts of that were blessings. The nurses called us down at least every 3 hours and most of the time way more often then that for me to feed him. They held that as the top priority for him. Even when we made the tough choice of deciding to give him some formula to get his blood sugar levels up and get him out of the NICU, the nurses still always told me to nurse first and feed him the bottle second. Once we got home he was off formula in a matter of days; my milk had finally come in! I nursed Silas for 15 wonderful months. It was one of the best bonding experiences I got to have with him, and honestly I loved that he was solely dependant on me for food. Plus I lost all my weight from breastfeeding and I could still basically eat anything I wanted! With all this said though I will say, yes I loved breastfeeding my child, but I have numerous mom friends that tried and tried and could not produce enough milk. I know it is not for everyone and your babies’ health is what is most important and what is best for them. It worked for us and was best for us, but it is not best for everyone.

-Story Time

Silas loves to read, and this makes my book loving heart SO happy! I have been reading to him since he was in my womb, so I think he just likes to hear the sound of Momma’s voice sometimes. His room is full of books; shelves line almost every wall. My favorite is when he finds a book he wants to read, brings it to me, and says, “Momma read?” and of course I agree wholeheartedly. We repeat this over and over again with him bringing me books and me reading them to him until he finally tires of it and wants to do something else. We read before nap time and bedtime. It is one of my favorite parts of the day. When we were opening his presents at his party today, my favorite presents were the books, and it was made even sweeter by Silas bringing the book to me and sitting in my lap to read it. He didn’t want to open the rest of his presents, he just wanted to sit and listen to Momma read him a book, and that just warms my heart so much. Beyond loving to read, I think that reading has helped Silas so much in learning to talk. He talks non stop, and I have had numerous people tell me that it is most likely due to how often I read to him.



My sweet Silas has been my cuddle boy from day one. He of course was always attached to Momma in the early months since I was his source of food, but even now he loves to cuddle still. Of course, he does not cuddle as much as he used to, but when he does I soak in every second of it. I put my phone down; I wrap my arms around him, and just bask in the warmth and love of my sweet baby boy. He has also in the past few months gotten into hugging and kissing; I think that fits in the cuddling category. My sister had always told me that it just melts your heart when your child can reciprocate the love that you show them, but I just never could imagine the love I would feel until it happened. When my sweet baby boy wraps his arms around me and squeezes it just melts me! Then he asks for a kiss and I melt even more. I love that he loves giving hugs and kisses, and I have to just soak it all in while I can because I know surely it won’t last much longer.


-Being a stay at home mom

We feel so blessed that we were able to make this happen. I worked until Silas was 10 months old, and I just felt like I was missing so much and I was stressed because of this. We talked about me staying home a lot, and we tried to budget, but in the end we just had to trust God that this was the right decision for us. I have never regretted it since. I love being able to wake up with him in the mornings, to be the one to care for him throughout the day. I love being able to play with him and read him books when he asks. I still get to take the time to rock him to sleep for his naps, which is one of the best things I do all day. I sing and rock him to sleep and love every moment of it. I love being here for him when he wakes up asking for me. I get to take him on adventures to the park and Silver Dollar City. We get to go swimming and go to the lake. It is the best life I could ask for, and so much fun, but I do work around the house too and I have to make time for that throughout my day as well. I am so grateful to my loving husband that works hard to provide for us so that I can stay home with our son. Every day that I get to spend with Silas is a good day, and I am so thankful that I usually get to spend all my days with him.


Holidays are so much better with kids! Christmas and Birthdays are the best obviously, but they are all better. On thanksgiving you have so much more to be thankful for. On Valentines Day you are so much more relieved and grateful to be getting out of the house to spend some time alone with your spouse. On Easter you are again so thankful for all that Christ has done for all of us and to one day share Him with your children. And back to Christmas, lets face it; it has become more fun to help open your baby’s presents than to open yours! We love seeing the light in their eyes when they open something that excites them. We love getting them things for Christmas and Birthdays that we think they will enjoy. I just got done planning and hosting Silas’s second birthday party and I loved every crazy moment of it. There was so much detail that went into the decorations, the cake, and the food we would serve. My husband and I designed the invitations and sent them out to all our friends and family. I hand cut and glued 15 little tractors to put on all of his party favor boxes to go with the theme. I made an ice cream cake and cupcakes with homemade icing. My mother in law helped out with all the appetizers and desserts along with letting us use their home for the party. It was a grand event for a two year old, but he loved every minute of it and we loved hosting it for him! It is probably the last big party we will have for him. They are tons of work, but oh so worth the effort!

Two years ago I became Momma to the most precious boy I have ever had the great pleasure of knowing. I can’t believe those two years have come and gone so quickly. It has been wonderful, beautiful, emotional, challenging, and a learning experience, but I can say in my heart that it has never been hard to be his Momma. It’s never been hard to always choose to put him before myself. It’s never been hard to spend every waking moment with him. It’s never been hard to love him more than life itself.

Many moms choose to write about the difficulties of motherhood and how hard it can be at times. I am not saying that we have never had hard parts of the day, but I can honestly say that every day the Lord gives me with my sweet baby is a good day.

We didn’t exactly have it easy from day one. It was a tough labor, 16 hours and ended in an emergency c-section where I was put under and my husband was suddenly kicked out of the room. It was emotional and terrifying, but the moment I held my son in my arms I knew that everything was right and good. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world to become his mom, and I haven’t stopped feeling that since then.


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