Counting our days


38 weeks and 2 days today. I am writing this on my phone which shows you how little time I feel I have lately. Even though I am only 38 weeks, my scheduled cesarean is only a week from today! We are so excited to meet our new son, and I feel like we are finally somewhat prepared. Can you ever fully be prepared to add another life to your family?

I have so many mixed feelings and emotions about baby boy #2 coming in 7 short days. I am so excited that he will finally be here and I’ll be able to hold him in my arms and see his sweet face. I’m also so scared of all the changes that will come with adding a new little one to our family. I have written whole posts about this topic, so I’m not going to bore you with that again. Just know those fears haven’t gone away, but maybe just lessened with the excitement of our baby finally coming!

We finally have a name for our precious boy. My husband came up with it and I’ll let you ponder on where he got it but his name will be Porter Willis Shumaker. Although I will tell you Willis comes from my Papa that passed away last year. After many names were tossed out due to disagreement on pronunciation or not liking nicknames that would come with the name, we finally agreed on one and we are so happy that everyone in the family seems to love the name as well!

I finally have my bags packed after carefully contemplating what I would bring this time. With my first, we were in the hospital for at least 4 days and so this time I doubt I will need as much, but am still packing enough just in case. Last time my mom and sister ended up having to buy me lots of things including nursing bras, tanks, and underwear that I didn’t bring enough of. This time I took extra time to go through my old things and pick out what I still wanted from that, and also what I wanted to buy new. I would love to do a post on what I packed in my bag because I think I did really good this time, but I don’t know that I will have time before the baby comes.

We also finally have Silas in his big boy room! We broke down and let someone come do the flooring for us. They got it done in a day and a half and we got the furniture moved back in the night they finished the flooring. We are still decorating it some but he is already sleeping great in his queen size bed and we feel very blessed for that!

I still can’t believe that I am sitting here at my last doctors appointment waiting for the doctor to come tell me if we will have our baby any sooner than the 25th. I let myself be pampered one last time today and got a mani/pedi in preparation for baby. I would recommend moms to do this the week before the baby comes if possible. It was so nice to have that relaxing time to myself and then have my son so happy to see me again after. Also from here on out I won’t get a lot of time to myself for awhile. I’m also getting my hair highlighted for the last time right after this appointment. Which with how long the doctor is taking might be cutting it close :/. Anyways I think that is all for now. Please pray for a smooth surgery for momma and baby. Can’t wait for everyone to meet baby Porter!


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